How Suite Hub works

Suite Hub is different to other websites and platforms where you search for accommodation yourself. Our service enables you to submit a request telling us exactly what you need, whether for an individual or multiple colleagues, and our platform invites every suitable provider to submit their best available options. Our expert team then deliver you a clear list of negotiated options with our recommendations, that you can compare and book within a few clicks.





We specialise in providing serviced accommodation

We specialise in serviced accommodation, which fits the large gap between expensive hotels and fixed rental contracts. Typically, all bills and local taxes are included in the rates, and like a hotel you can choose your exact check-in and check-out dates. Also, unlike fixed rental contracts, you have the flexibility to shorten, cancel or extend bookings, with a lot less notice.

Serviced accommodation Is therefore perfect for extended stay business trips and those relocating to a new area, as they are flexible, cost-effective and come fully furnished and equipped with everything you need.




Unrivalled availability and choice for extended stays worldwide

Having maximum choice and available options when you need them is a big challenge, especially when housing multiple colleagues.

Suite Hub gives you the greatest level of choice and availability, no matter when or where you require extended stay accommodation. This is because when you submit a request, we invite our providers to submit options just for you, meaning options are often freed up and presented to you that wouldn’t normally be available elsewhere.