About Serviced Apartments

Apartment Sizes


Serviced Apartments are the perfect solution for short to medium term accommodation needs whilst away on business. 

Hotels are fine for a few nights, but they quickly start to feel very restrictive – the four walls seem to get smaller and smaller as time goes on.

Serviced apartments are between 30-60% more spacious than a comparable hotel room – and for a lower price. Let that sink in! 












Space Vs Hotels..

You’re getting between 30-60% more space than a comparable hotel room – for a lower price. Let that sink in!

Guests have space to live and relax like they would at home, without being constrained to typical hotel bedroom and bathroom. For stays of more than a few nights, more space is essential for those working away from home, helping to increase productivity, settling in time in a new city and overall satisfaction. 





A Typical Studio Apartment

A studio just means the bedroom and kitchen/living area are in one open planned space – kind of like a hotel room but larger and with kitchen facilities. 

Some studios are closer to a typical hotel room at their smallest, but some are very large open plan style apartments. 

Studio Apartments on average are ideal for stays up to 14-30 days, depending on the exact size. 





A Typical 2 Bedroom Apartment

Typically 20-40% larger than a 1 bedroom apartment, a 2 bedroom apartment is ideal for families or sharing colleagues. 

For sharing colleagues, a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment will provide each colleague with their own separate bedroom and bathroom, whilst enjoying a shared living room and kitchen environment. This also slashes the cost of having to book 2x hotel rooms, often resulting in up to a 50-60% cost saving!





A Typical 1 Bedroom Apartment

Typically 10-20% larger than a studio apartment, a 1 bedroom apartment’s main difference to that of a studio is that the bedroom is a separate room from the living area. Perfect if a guest has sleeping children on a sofa bed in the lounge – parents can shut their door and have some peace and quiet.

1 Bedroom apartments are the ideal hotel alternative whether staying for a few nights or over a year. They are usually perfect to accommodate 2 adults + 1 small child at a maximum.