Book with confidence

Sourcing and booking serviced accommodation can be a challenge, especially when it’s for a few weeks or for several months. We understand the challenges, and we’re on a mission to make the process simple, efficient, stress free and risk free.

Hassle free

No more searching around on multiple booking sites. With us, you just submit one request, whether it’s one colleague or for a whole team, and we’ll deliver one list of suitable options.

Group logistics.

So, you have 10 colleagues who need accommodation for a project. Some arrive on different dates. Some check out on different dates. Some can share apartments with others, some can’t. Some need parking, some don’t. Sound familiar?

We handle these requests all the time, understand the complexities perfectly, and will deliver you one simple list of options. For a whole team, we’ll not just present the best available options, we’ll deliver smart solutions. This could be a handful of apartments in one building, and several in another.

Dealing with multiple providers?

Dealing with multiple providers is a hassle. Typically you’ll be dealing with different people each time, sending lots of emails, making many phone calls, getting inflated and inconsistent prices, and discovering lack of availability.

We already work closely with thousands of providers, big and small, all around the world, and have great relationships set up. Suite Hub takes your one enquiry and invites every provider in the area to submit options so that they compete for your business.

Booking amendments

We understand that plans change. Some colleagues are assigned to other projects. Some projects get postponed or cancelled altogether. We’ve made it super simple and hassle free to amend bookings, and make it very clear how much notice is required. Need to extend? With us, you can extend by one night, or several months. 

Risk free

Booking serviced accommodation can be risky. There’s a lot of property providers out there and it can be difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Only quality, professional property providers

We only work with professional property providers and have a thorough and consistent on-boarding process. Our terms and conditions with our property providers make sure our providers meet our specific minimum standards, not just for the accommodation being offered, but for our minimum service levels that we expect, plus all our health and safety requirements.

Many of our property partners are members of industry associations and accreditations that show a minimum level of professionalism and service.

Booking by booking accountability

Even with professional property providers doing everything possible to provide exceptional serviced accommodation and guest service; things from time to time go wrong. A boiler may break during a guests stay. A lift might go out of action.

We hold every property partner accountable so that when things go wrong, they have a time frame (depending on the severity of the issue) to make things right. And in the unlikely situation that they do not or can’t, the cancellation policy is voided and we can move immediately to support your guests in alternative serviced accommodation with another provider. And we’ve really gone to town on this so you don’t have to worry about anything. We mean everything from the hot water not working to missing cutlery in the kitchen.

Unbeatable value and prices

We’re on a mission to maximise the value for our clients. In fact, we guarantee to at least price match your booking with any other booking service or competitor, and in most cases beat it.

How do we achieve this?

Relationships with our property providers.

We have strong personal relationships with all the senior decision makers with every property provider we work with, which means we’re able to secure the best value and unbeatable prices every time. People like to work with people after all, right? We’re easy to work with and treat our property partners with respect, appreciation and in an un-biased way (whether they are a big apart-hotel brand or a smaller family run business). 

Our commission levels with our property partners.

Other booking services and competitors often use the phrase ‘buying power’ that they have with their suppliers, sold in a way that gives them leverage towards lower pricing that they can forward on to their clients. We however constantly hear from our property partners how these same companies are demanding very high commission levels, which we feel is counter productive).

No matter how much business we place with our property partners, we keep our commission levels low and at rates that they are happy to absorb. From our experience, this makes our property providers favour our business over in many cases over our competitors, and has allowed us to negotiate unbeatable prices as a result.

Unrivalled options and availability

We work with quality serviced accommodation providers in all major towns and cities around the world, totalling over 1500 property partners and over 150,000 units of accommodation. Now we’d be the first to say this is not unique. Other services including our competitors work with many of the same property providers.

Unrivalled options.

Only 30% or less of this global inventory is available on instant booking sites and online travel agencies (OTA’s) when it comes to extended stays of a few weeks or longer. Ever tried to check availability on one of this sites for 30+ days to be presented with no available options?

Why is this? 

In order to maximise occupancy, our property partners need to manage how many short stays (less than 7 nights) they allow into their total inventory, to make sure they have availability for longer extended stays from their own direct corporates or via specialist serviced accommodation agencies like Suite Hub. To do this, they either limit the inventory they provide instant booking sites, or pull away from these sites all together. Apart-hotels are more accustomed to shorter stays and would limit less of their inventory, where as smaller providers which make up the majority, would limit most or all of their inventory.

Suite Hub is not an instant booking site for this exact reason so you can have confidence we are able to present every available option within the market place. 

Unrivalled availability.

Further to being able to present every available option within the market place, we have strong relationships with senior decision makers with all property partners who are able to look at their inventory, shuffle existing bookings around which instant booking sites can not do, and free up availability in apartments specifically for you. 

Excellent end-to-end customer service

We’re a smaller team, passionate about serviced accommodation and it’s benefits over alternatives, that truly cares about providing an excellent service. In fact our in-house phrase is to “under promise and over deliver”.

That’s all well and good when things are going well, right? 

How often have you bought something and received fast, friendly and helpful customer service, but then when you want to cancel or complain, you’re faced with the opposite. 

When you need to cancel, or when things go wrong.

If you need to shorten your booking, cancel, postpone, amend – we completely understand and we’re here for you. We’ll in fact go above and beyond to make sure we can get things just right for you.

And every now and then, something may go wrong with a booking, despite working with high-quality property partners that are fully accountable to our high standards and minimum requirements. Sometimes something breaks, something is overlooked.. And it’s how these situations are dealt that counts when it comes to excellent customer service in our opinion. 

Our people (and why their hearts are in the right place).

Unlike many (or all?) of other booking sites and competitors, all of our team who handle our clients bookings are not on aggressive revenue targets and commission incentives. We feel this creates an unhealthy bias to focus more on some clients over others, and feeds into the “all smiles” customer service when things are going right, and the opposite when you need to cancel or shorten a booking, or on those rare occasions when things go wrong. In fact, we incentivise on overall client and guest satisfaction which only happens when our people look after your people, from start to finish.

Hassle free billing

Paying upfront, all in one go, for a six-month stay might not be too easy on your cash flow. Just paying up front in general might not be easy on your cashflow…

The perfect gift for your colleagues in accounts.

And if you’re booking with multiple providers, your accounts team are setting up multiple recipients, credit facilities and facing different payment terms and payment dates. It gives us a headache just thinking about it!

With Suite Hub, we streamline this process and iron out the variables. No matter which provider you place a booking with through us (out of the thousands we work with globally), you just pay us. And if you have a credit facility, you can book and pay much later, no matter where your projects take you.

Pay in easy bite sized chunks.

For longer stays, we’ll break down the stay into easy to manage bite size chunks (weekly or monthly invoices), so you don’t have to pay everything in one go.

Sarah Hickman
Sarah Hickman
If you want to take the pressure away from booking accommodation for your staff, get in touch with these guys. The team are excellent. Tell them what you need, they come back with a very comprehensive list laid out in a very easy to navigate online page with links to prices/parking/location/what's nearby... Enables you to compare your options and review easily and all in one place without jumping from screen to screen. The team have already helped me out at very short notice and will definitely continue to be my first point of contact moving forward. Keep up the great work all @ SuiteHub!
Leon Norton
Leon Norton
I have worked with Gary and the team at Suitehub for a few months now and the the service has been excellent, they have provided quick responses to all queries and have helped me find excellent accommodation at a very reasonable cost - I must express my gratitude to the team and I would highly recommend.
Clive Dlima
Clive Dlima
A fantastic and reliable supplier to work with! Highly recommended.
Alisha Bycroft
Alisha Bycroft
I booked through SuiteHub with a colleague for a work placement. Aneal was very helpful in finding accommodation suitable for our requirements and budget. The accommodation provided exceeded our expectations. Would definitely recommend using Suitehub for finding serviced apartments and I will definitely book through Suitehub again for future accommodation requirements! :)
Adetaiwo Osindero
Adetaiwo Osindero
Excellent customer service and the accommodation provided was top notch, would recommend them and will certainly use them again in the future! Keep it up guy
Karl Horsburgh
Karl Horsburgh
I have used Suite Hub on numerous occasion's whilst working around the country. They are very attentive and helpful with your searches and if you have any queries or issues The apartments are all clean and tidy and well equipped with all the amenities you need.
Hardik Solanki
Hardik Solanki
Danielle was very helpful, knowledgeable and approachable throughout our stay with Suitehub. Suitehub provided the best rate compared to other vendors for same apartment and were supportive and quick to resolve any queries/help required during our stay. I would love to stay with Suitehub again in future.
danielle fitt
danielle fitt
great company to work with