Is serviced accommodation the perfect fit for me?

Serviced accommodation fits the large gap between expensive hotels and fixed rental contracts. They are fully furnished, equipped and typically rates include bills and local taxes.  

Like a hotel you can choose your exact check-in and check-out dates, yet unlike fixed rental contracts you have the flexibility to shorten, cancel or extend bookings with a lot less notice.

Is the price right for me?

Serviced accommodation is lower in cost than a hotel, and more expensive than a fixed-rental contract (eg: estate agent let). For stays of 1 month or longer, serviced accommodation is the convenient, hassle-free and low-risk solution compared to fixed rental contracts. The chart below shows how serviced accommodation pricing typically works compared to hotels and fixed-rental contracts.

Why you pay more for serviced accommodation

A fixed-rental can certainly cost less money than booking serviced accommodation. However, it will certainly cost you a lot more in time, resources and risk. If your trip is cancelled half way though a fixed-rental, you’re stuck with the bill for the remainder – but if you’d booked serviced accommodation you’d be able to shorten your stay and avoid wasted costs. Below are some of the main reasons why you pay more for serviced accommodation.


1 year minimum stay
Fixed-date lease
Cannot cancel or shorten
No cleaning service
No maintenance service
Wi-fi not included
Utility bills not included
Large deposit
Agent setup fees
Time consuming

Serviced Accommodation

1 week minimum stay
Book the exact dates needed
Easy to cancel or shorten
Cleaning service included
Maintenance included
Wi-fi included
Utility bills included
Typically no deposit
No booking fees
Book immediately