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Prague aparthotels and serviced apartments

Suite Hub makes it fast and simple to gather every available Prague Aparthotel and serviced apartment for your upcoming extended stay trip. 

When it comes to longer stays of a couple of weeks or several months, finding available options usually means contacting dozens of providers and navigating multiple sites.

We work closely with over 160 Prague Aparthotels and serviced apartments. Just submit one quick request and we’ll present you with every option at unbeatable prices.

Prague Aparthotels and Serviced Apartments - spacious lounge open plan
Prague Aparthotels and Serviced Apartments - large bedroom with twin beds for those sharing
Prague Aparthotels and Serviced Apartments - open plan kitchen and dining area
Prague Aparthotels and Serviced Apartments - large lounge example

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Prague Aparthotels: FAQs

How does Suite Hub work?

Suite Hub clients submit booking requests based on location, price, size and facilities. Our system filters possible listings and then we send the operators the enquiry, from which they submit available listings and bespoke prices. Then, our clients then choose from the options and book their favourite.

What makes Suite Hub different to other sites?

We specialise in extended stays (weeks, months or over a year), and that means the vast majority of our 500,000+ listings are not available to book online or show as unavailable. We're able to quickly deliver a be-spoke list of every suitable option for our clients requests, savings hours of time and a lot of money.

Who are Suite Hub's clients?

We work with businesses large and small from a range of different industries. Construction & engineering, media & production, law, logistics, oil & gas, manufacturing, relocation agents and more.

Is it free to book with Suite Hub?

Yes, our booking service and support from our accommodation experts is free as we take a small booking fee from our providers. Our clients do not pay any fees or any more than they might direct. In most cases our clients pay far less than they would direct.

Prague Aparthotels | City Guide: Prague, Czech Republic

Geographical Overview:

Nestled in the heart of Central Europe, Prague is the crowning jewel of the Czech Republic. Often dubbed the “City of a Hundred Spires”, its picturesque location on the banks of the Vltava River paints a canvas of architectural and natural splendor. For a comprehensive bird’s-eye view, a visit to the Petrin Tower is highly recommended.

Climate and Weather:

Experiencing a temperate oceanic climate, Prague gracefully transitions through the four seasons. To elaborate, while summers can be pleasantly warm, winters often blanket the city in snow, transforming it into a winter wonderland. Prospective visitors can track Prague’s weather nuances through the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute.

Distinctive Districts:

Prague is a mosaic of distinctive neighborhoods, each narrating its own saga. The historic Old Town bewitches with its timeless charm, whereas areas like Vinohrady thrive with modernity amidst classic edifices. Moreover, Mala Strana or the Lesser Town is replete with baroque and Renaissance buildings.

Historical Insight:

Prague’s rich tapestry of history spans a millennium, bearing witness to epochs of greatness and tumult. The iconic Prague Castle, reputed as the largest ancient castle globally, stands as a testament to the city’s illustrious past. Furthermore, museums like the National Museum open doors to an immersive historical experience.

Key Attractions:

The allure of Prague is inexhaustible. The Charles Bridge, lined with statues, offers panoramic river views, while the Astronomical Clock in Old Town Square fascinates with its hourly show. Moreover, the Dancing House, an emblem of modern architecture, is a must-visit.

Cultural Celebrations:

The city pulsates with cultural festivities throughout the year. Particularly, the Prague Spring International Music Festival and the Signal Festival of lights celebrate the city’s artistic spirit. Moreover, traditional events infuse a local flavor, allowing tourists to assimilate into Prague’s vibrant ethos.

Culinary Delights:

Boasting a rich culinary heritage, Prague serves up traditional delicacies and modern fusions alike. For those keen on savoring Czech classics, restaurants like Lokál present a gastronomic treat. Meanwhile, food tours, such as Taste of Prague, offer curated culinary journeys across the city.

Transportation Network:

Ensuring seamless connectivity, Prague’s public transportation system encompasses trams, buses, and the metro. For visitors, multi-day travel passes can be a cost-effective way to explore the city. Moreover, the Václav Havel Airport facilitates international arrivals and departures.

Lifestyle and Opportunities:

Cardiff, with its mix of cultural heritage and modern infrastructure, offers a unique blend of work-life balance. A thriving media sector, bolstered by BBC Wales, makes it an attractive relocation spot.

Business and Investment:

The economic heartbeat of the Czech Republic, Prague is a nexus for investors and entrepreneurs. Organizations like CzechInvest provide invaluable insights and support to those eager to tap into Prague’s thriving market.

Aparthotels and Serviced Apartments in Prague

In the midst of an evolving travel landscape, Prague’s aparthotels and serviced apartments are increasingly becoming the preferred choice for many travelers. These accommodations come with the twin benefits of offering a homey atmosphere and the amenities of a hotel. They often feature fully-equipped kitchens, separate living spaces, and sometimes even offer services akin to those found in traditional hotels. For those considering their accommodation options in Prague, it’s helpful to know that prices generally start from around CZK 1,500 per night for a studio apartment, and can range up to CZK 45,000 per month for a luxurious multi-bedroom space. A well-regarded provider in the city is MaMaison Residence, offering the quintessential experience of comfort combined with a touch of luxury. When deciding on where to stay, it’s always advantageous to book through trusted platforms, ensuring a hassle-free experience, replete with added benefits and valuable local insights.

Sarah Hickman
Sarah Hickman
If you want to take the pressure away from booking accommodation for your staff, get in touch with these guys. The team are excellent. Tell them what you need, they come back with a very comprehensive list laid out in a very easy to navigate online page with links to prices/parking/location/what's nearby... Enables you to compare your options and review easily and all in one place without jumping from screen to screen. The team have already helped me out at very short notice and will definitely continue to be my first point of contact moving forward. Keep up the great work all @ SuiteHub!
Leon Norton
Leon Norton
I have worked with Gary and the team at Suitehub for a few months now and the the service has been excellent, they have provided quick responses to all queries and have helped me find excellent accommodation at a very reasonable cost - I must express my gratitude to the team and I would highly recommend.
Clive Dlima
Clive Dlima
A fantastic and reliable supplier to work with! Highly recommended.
Alisha Bycroft
Alisha Bycroft
I booked through SuiteHub with a colleague for a work placement. Aneal was very helpful in finding accommodation suitable for our requirements and budget. The accommodation provided exceeded our expectations. Would definitely recommend using Suitehub for finding serviced apartments and I will definitely book through Suitehub again for future accommodation requirements! :)
Adetaiwo Osindero
Adetaiwo Osindero
Excellent customer service and the accommodation provided was top notch, would recommend them and will certainly use them again in the future! Keep it up guy
Karl Horsburgh
Karl Horsburgh
I have used Suite Hub on numerous occasion's whilst working around the country. They are very attentive and helpful with your searches and if you have any queries or issues The apartments are all clean and tidy and well equipped with all the amenities you need.
Hardik Solanki
Hardik Solanki
Danielle was very helpful, knowledgeable and approachable throughout our stay with Suitehub. Suitehub provided the best rate compared to other vendors for same apartment and were supportive and quick to resolve any queries/help required during our stay. I would love to stay with Suitehub again in future.
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danielle fitt
great company to work with