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Who we are..

We’re a serviced accommodation booking agency. We act as one simple point of contact for our corporate clients, making it simple to find and book serviced accommodation for their employees anywhere their work takes them. 

For providers like yourself, we offer a free stream of high quality booking enquiries (typically 1-6 months in length), where you can decide what options to offer and at what prices, on an enquiry by enquiry basis. No risk. No obligation. Once we have your listings in our system and your account info setup, you’ll instantly open up your business to a new free stream of booking enquiries.

How Suite Hub works..

Suite Hub is a sophisticated system that sends property partners booking enquiries that are perfectly matched with the properties they have in their inventory.

Our clients tell us exactly what they need and where they need to be. We gather key requirements such as the maximum travel distance, number of guests, budget and apartment size.

Our unique technology, in partnership with Google, shows every property listing in our system that falls within the maximum travel distance, and filters out listings based on other key requirements – all within a few clicks. We then send the enquiry out to our property partners for those specific listings.

How SuiteHub works

Sign up
Setting up your account and adding your listings is quick and simple. Once complete, they are ready and visible by our whole booking team, ready for enquiries
Receive enquiries
Our team will email and phone you with enquiries where our clients requirements match one or more of your listings.
Submit available options
Within our platform you'll submit your available listings and decide on-the-spot pricing, providing you full control and flexibility, and the best chance of winning long-stay business
Win bookings
Our client will consider all options provided and select their favourite. SuiteHub will send you a confirmation and pay you directly.

We're easy to work with..

Our platform allows you to create and edit your listings with ease, view and respond to enquiries, and keep an eye on existing bookings we’ve placed with you. 

Prefer email and phone calls to manage your enquiries? No problem. Just reply to our enquiry emails with your options and rates – super easy.

FAQ's and further info.

Getting setup to work with us and to start receiving quality long stay booking enquiries is quick, low maintenance, and a simple process.

  1. Fill out the form above (so we can gather some essential information)
  2. We’ll then create your account and send you your login details. 
  3. Login, and create your available listings using our simple and quick content management system.
  4. We’ll approve your listings and then, that’s it. You’re now exposed to our global clients and their booking requests.

It costs nothing to get setup and start receiving booking enquiries. We simply charge a small fee for each booking we place with you. Our clients are not charged a fee.

Suite Hub pays you, in full, minus our booking fee. This means you have full security and peace of mind that you’ll get paid, on time

Fortunately, the nature of corporate bookings result in minimal guest negligence. However, liability for damages or missing items are that of the in-house guests. This is detailed in our terms and conditions between us and yourself which you can view in full during the sign up process.

Nope! We specialise in extended stays. The value we provide our clients is being able to quickly gather all available options from our partners big and small. Many of our partners do no use instant booking/availability tools. Plus, we provide our partners the ability to move bookings around and free up availability when submitting options.

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