Extend your marketing reach with Suite Hub and receive new exclusive bookings

Suite Hub is one of the worlds largest collections of serviced accommodation providers. Setting up a partner account with Suite Hub is free, and open the doors to a new exclusive stream of bookings for your business. Our unique online platform allows property partners to view booking enquiries and submit available options in order to win business, whilst also managing existing bookings, manage listings and much more.

The high majority of our enquiries and bookings come from our own corporate account holders who only book through Suite Hub and on average stay between 1-3 months.  




Receive enquiries. Submit your options. Win Business.

Get notified of new enquiries that get sent to your online account. Our platform allows you in just a few clicks to add your available options, or simply reject the enquiry all together if you’re fully booked. You’ll be able to keep an eye on the quote and get notified of the lowest prices being offered elsewhere from our other property partners helping you to stay competitive and win more business.



View booking reservations and guest data in real time.

Stay up to date with important information about your bookings. Guest information and travel details are live and real-time, meaning if a guest telephone number or arrival time is amended, you’ll get notified instantly. Our platform allows you to have all bookings in one simple list, downloaded to excel if preferred, ensuring that all the information you need is at hand at all times.



Enjoy a quick and simple property listing system.

The Suite Hub platform includes a simple and intuitive content management system, allowing property partners to create, edit and deactivate their listings with ease. Once a listing is live in the system, users are able to select and offer that property in quotes and win business from our clients. Our in-house property account management team are here to assist you through process.

FAQ’s – How does payment work?

Suite hub pays it’s property partners directly, so there’s no hassle involved trying to get payment directly from our clients. Put simply, we pay our property partners when they want to be paid. If we’ve recently started working with you then we understand this is usually before a guest check’s in. 

For bookings that are 30 days or less, we’d expect a property partner to invoice us in full, but for longer stays, we’d like to be invoiced in 28 night blocks. 

Suite Hub then pays the invoices in full apart from our small commission deduction. A remittance slip for the invoice payment is emailed to our property providers along with a paid copy of the commission invoice, both of which together reconcile against the total invoice.



FAQ’s – How does our booking process work?

Our booking process is simple. Suite Hub place bookings directly with it’s property partners on behalf of its clients. This means you do not have to worry about dealing with our clients directly.

When you are sent an enquiry from Suite hub, you will have the opportunity to present available and suitable options.

Your options along with any other options from our other property partners are then presented to our client in a simple list.

Our client then makes an informed choice and choses to book one of your options. Suite Hub then places the booking with you on behalf of its client. You’ll then receive a booking confirmation from Suite Hub which provides all the details you’ll need, including guest names and travel information.



FAQ’s – What costs are involved for the property partner?

It’s completely free to sign up and become a Suite Hub property partner – we just charge a small commission (typically 10%) per booking that we place with you. As explained in our “How does payment work?” question, our commission is taken in-house before we pay your invoices, so there’s no admin to worry about. As we provide and market your properties to our clients on your behalf and have global exposure on the internet, we simply ask you absorb our commission charges into your rates.